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Solar Costs

Solar Costs in Florida

Did you know the cost of solar installation has reduced by more than 70% in the last 7 years?

With a more than a generous amount of sunlight, Florida isn’t dubbed the Sunshine State for nothing. Thus, homes and businesses that install solar systems are getting a lot more solar energy than those in most states.
The cost of solar panels installations has also taken a downward spin, the lowest in recent years. This cost of solar panels depends on the size of your solar system among other factors.
Whatever the case, we can get you started for as low as $0 down payment! Moreover, monthly repayments are less than what you’ll pay your utility company.
We design a perfect home solar system for your property and we install the pv equipment and get the necessary permit without you breaking a sweat. You can be rest assured we have you covered every step of the way.
Solar Cost | Solar Installer Tampa | Solar Tech Elec
Let’s see how much money a Solar Tech Elec customer, Rovy, spends before and after installing solar, and the amount of time it will take for the system to pay for itself.
Utility Company Energy Costs
(Before Solar Installation)
Rovy pays the utility company an average
of $240 monthly.
In a year, it totals $2,880. That’s a whopping $57,600 in twenty years.
With inflation and power costs hikes, he’ll definitely pay more.
Solar Energy Savings
(After Solar Installation) the power company no longer sends him expensive utility bills and he starts getting paid for generating his own electricity instead.
His first monthly bill was virtually eliminated and he just had a utility charge of $10.57.
But then as he generated so many unused kilowatt hours and they went back to the grid. The utility company paid Rovy for those unused credits. He received about $107. credit at the end of the same month.
Utility cost savings over 20 years
Utility cost savings over 12 years
The solar pv system we installed calculated would reach a break even point after 12 years versus his $240 per month spend with the power company.
Thats excluding the net metering credits from the duke and Again, this is without factoring in inflation and hike in energy cost over the same period of time.
Rovy received a federal tax credit value of 30% of his new solar system purchase.
He can spend on what ever he wants. If he decided to pay 30% proportion on his loan. This reduces the break even point and we estimated after his solar credits from Duke the system will have paid for itself in less than 7 years.
Financial Incentives in the Sunshine State
Solar Tax Credit at 26%
You can take advantage of a federal solar tax credit that currently stands at 26% of the total system and installation cost. The federal tax credit reduces in January 2021 to 22%. Florida homeowners interested in switching to solar should take advantage of the rebate before it goes down by 4%.
Net Metering
Florida is one of the states in the US with an outstanding net metering program. This is how it works.
If your solar system generates more energy during daylight hours than you need, it goes back to the grid.
The utility company then calculates the unused kilowatt hours and adds this to your monthly bill as unused credits. At the end of the year you can build up a fair amount of credits and make more cost savings.

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