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Christøpher Pehanich

Ross and his team at Solar Tech Elec have been nothing but amazing from first call, through permitting and installing, and even a couple years after install. My system was installed and up and running within a month of receiving my quote and the prices were unbeatable. After having my system for a couple years I rarely have a bill and usually carry credits. Ross even checks in from time to time to make sure everything is operating like it should be. A+ company

Christøpher Pehanich Happy Client
Chris Olson

I have now had my 11.9kW system installed for 3 months in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I have collected an average of 1600kwh a month! Ross responded quickly to questions that I had and explained them until I understood. They started later in the morning per my request and still finished the install in one day.

Chris Olson Solar Tech Elec Customer
John Gambale

Ross and team did a great job. Installed a 15.4 kWh system. Just received my first full month bill and it was 100% covered by solar power. System is performing as expected. Produced over 1000kWh in February.

John Gambale Solar Tech Elec Customer
John Potts

Solar Tech Elec LLC was the installer of choice for the solar co-op that I joined and I was very pleased with the results. The price quoted was exactly what we paid with no hidden charges or surprises. We have an 8.1 KW system and expect to recoup our expenses in less than 7 years. Solar is the way to go, and Solar Tech Elec LLC was great to work with.

John Potts
Denis Weaver

I did an enormous amount of research before deciding on a PV system. I solicited the prevailing solar companies in North Florida for quotes and their equipment choices were I felt excessive and unnecessary for the application. You should always conserve first, then size the system, not the other way around. And micro inverters are unnecessary when there is zero shading. These were foreign concepts to the other guys. I went with Solar Tech because they are honest, knowledgeable and above all else, care about their customers. When you go with Solar Tech, you will get the correct application for your needs, a flawless installation, production on target or exceeding the estimates, and quality equipment with industry leading manufacturers warranties. Solar Tech is the way to go solar!

Denis Weaver
Nelson Nunez

Absolutely fantastic work from Ross and his team on installing 26 panels on my 7.5kwh system! I had done a couple of quotes from other companies and one of them actually quoted me twice as much as Solar Tech Elec’s quote. I was shocked when I saw how much more competitive Solar Tech Elec’s quote was. Ross provided me with upfront information about the German quality solar panels and inverter. He is a very honest and knowledgeable on solar. I recall another company was just trying to rush me when I was shopping around as they wanted me to sign a contract before I even received any info on the panels etc..That just goes to show how many shady companies are out there trying to scam solar customers. Yet Solar Tech Elec has incredible pricing and excellent workmanship on the installation from Ross’ team. They are honest and hardworking. I highly recommend Ross and his team at Solar Tech Elec if you’re thinking about going solar! Call him and get your estimate and compare with the other guys.

Nelson Nunez
Daryl Sample

My wife and I were tired of handing our hard earned money to Duke. I started putting some thought about Duke and realize they will never lower their rates. We had electric bills as high as $400.00 for 2-3 months in a row. We called Ross and He was Here in October and gave us an estimate. Ross listened to my beefing about Duke and also drew up a contract that night..The 30 % tax credit was very attractive to me. I applied for my own financing but Solar Tech will help you. Our plan was to have all product on property before January 2019. Ross and his crew helped us achieve the goal.. Time and planning with Solar Tech was perfect....Duke is raising residential rates on January.. yes, Duke is asking residential customers to help pay for their new solar farm in Florida. Let Solar Tech help you become less dependent onDuke..We did and I know we are going to have it paid for in about 3 years. So how long did it take to get panels installed once they were delivered? It took Ross's crew about 3 days. They did a great job! Work on our property was clean and neat. Would I do it all over again? You bet.. I expect Duke to double costs in the next 2-3 years. If you are thinking about having your power bills going down. Call Ross have him come over and give you an estimate. No pressure. Solar Tech LLC stands behind their work. Solar Tech Elec 5 Stars for customer satisfaction, service and job completion. Both my wife and I are very pleased. We also just raised the value of our home by $50,000. Thank You Ross and Solar Tech for doing a great job! A BIG 5 STARS.....

Daryl Sample
Jim Dyer

This company is excellent. They do what they say they are going to do and at a good price. They use top of the line equipment. Their install crew knows what they are doing and do a great job. I worked in the construction industry for many years and I can tell you for sure their installs are better than a lot I have seen.

Jim Dyer Solar Tech Elec Customer
John Carter

After shopping around for Solar Electric It was an easy decision to go with Solar Tech Elec LLC. Not only did they beat competitors pricing by Thousands, they also use better equipment. I had the honor of having Ross Dyson, the owner prepare a system to fit our needs and he actually talked me out of going with a larger system as he didn't see the need for it. As it turns out he was absolutely correct ! Thanks to Solar Tech Elec we will never go another month of shelling out $400+ to the power company! Thanks to Ross we have a perfect system that will give us a full return on investment in less than 4 years after Tax rebates! I wanted to wait a few months to be able to give an honest review and we have been more than thrilled with our systems performance! Our bill was less than $50 a month, the majority of that was municipal fees, customer surcharge, taxes, and a surge protection fee. Gone are the days of fearing to open the Electric bill, now we can't wait to see how much we've saved every month!If you've considered Solar power in the past I highly recommend reaching out to Ross for a quote. Take advantage of the 30% Tax credit before it's reduced next year I believe. Great product and price.If you live in Florida and haven't considered Solar power, You really need to do yourself the favor and Call Solar Tech Elec LLC and request an energy evaluation and quote you won't be disappointed!

John Carter Solar Tech Elec Customer

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